Sentence Examples

  • Nabua is iri the district known as La Rinconada - a name originally given to it on account of its inaccessibility.
  • The clearness which we seek iri vain from Cumberland is found to the fullest extent in Locke, whose Essay on the Human Understanding (1690) was already planned when Cumberland's treatise appeared.
  • Another institution treated with considerable fulness in the treatise Taanith is that of the -nyn 'th (y iri stationis), who are represented as having been laymen severally representing the twenty-four classes or families into which the whole commonwealth of the laity was divided.
  • Having quickly succeeded in discovering this, he iri 1803 exhibited before the reigning duke of Brunswick a series of experiments with lighting gas made from wood and from coal.
  • Heraclitus offers no analogy to the doctrine of four (not three) elements as different grades of tension; to the conception of fire and air as the " form," in Aristotelian terminology, of particulars; nor to the function of organizing fire which works by methodic plan to produce and preserve the world (irup i&w 1 3aSii'ov iri ')4vEru Nor, again, is there any analogy to the peculiar Stoic doctrine of universal intermingling (Kpavms Si iiXov).

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