Sentence Examples

  • Iodo-sulphate of quinine, act in a similar manner.
  • Cyclo-pentane, C5H10, is obtained from cyclo-pentanone by reducing it to the corresponding secondary alcohol, converting this into the iodo-compound, which is finally reduced to the hydrocarbon (J.
  • Cyclo-pentene, C 5 H 8, a liquid obtained by the action of alcoholic potash on iodo-cyclo-pentane, boils at 45° C. Cyclopentadiene, C. 1 H 6, is found in the first runnings from crude benzene distillations.
  • Two spatial modifications of pseudobutylene, CH 3 CH: CH CH 3, are known, the cis and the trans; they are prepared by heating the sodium salts of hydro-iodo-tiglic and hydro-iodo-angelic acids respectively (J.
  • Thoulet's solution, an aqueous solution of potassium and mercuric iodides (potassium iodo-mercurate), introduced by Thoulet and subsequently investigated by V.

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