Sentence Examples

  • A technique created more than 125 years ago to first treat ingrown hairs, it is suitable for a variety of skin and hair types, and can help interested individuals achieve a smooth, sleek appearance without the hassle of shaving.
  • A particularly out of control moustache, ear, or nose hair can be tweezed away in seconds, and tweezers are essential tools for correcting shaving-induced ingrown hairs with minimum effort or discomfort.
  • Even special conditions, such as suffering from ingrown nails or suffering from extremely dry feet can be slowly worked through at a nail spa that is well staffed and in no need to hurry clients out.
  • Spasticity may be aggravated by temperature extremes, humidity, skin problems such as a pressure ulcer or ingrown toenail, bladder or bowel problems, infections, and sometimes tight clothing.
  • Be aware that waxing can lead to upset follicles and ingrown hairs, so the more complicated waxing procedures are best performed by salon professionals and experienced waxing specialists.

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