Sentence Examples

  • By Bhopal, Indore and the Khandesh district of Bombay; on the S.
  • In 1726, together with Malhar Rao Holkar, the founder of the house of Indore, he was authorized by the peshwa to collect tribute (chauth) in the Malwa districts.
  • HOLKAR, the family name of the Mahratta ruler of Indore, which has been adopted as a dynastic title.
  • In central India two military leaders, Sindhia of Gwalior and Holkar of Indore, alternately held the pre-eminency.
  • In the same year (1817) as that in which the Pindaris were crushed, and almost in the same month (November), the three great Mahratta powers at Poona, Nagpur and Indore Third ro s e against the English.

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