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  • In 1824 the settled indigenes had to pay the very heavy rate of 11 roubles (about 1) per head, and the arrears, which soon became equal to the sums levied, were rigorously exacted.
  • Alexander von Humboldt's Vues des Cordilleres et monuments des peuples indigenes de l'Amerique was published in Paris in 1816.
  • In the northern peninsula are found people of Papuan type, probably representing the aborigines, and a tribe around Galela, who are Polynesian in physique, possibly remnants, much mixed by subsequent crossings with the Papuan indigenes, of the Caucasian hordes emigrating in prehistoric times across the Pacific. M.
  • Pierre Huber's Traite des mceurs des fourmis indigenes (Geneve, 1810) is the most famous of the older memoirs.
  • For ethnology consult Coutumes indigenes de la Cote d'Ivoire (Paris, 1902) by F.

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