Sentence Examples

  • Following abdominal surgery, uncomplicated cases of ileus can be managed by minimizing the amount of food the patient consumes, ensuring adequate fluid intake, and correcting any electrolyte disturbances such as low potassium.
  • In children with cystic fibrosis in which meconium ileus becomes evident soon after birth, the prognosis is linked with the primary disease; the median age of survival for cystic fibrosis patients is 30 years.
  • When a doctor listens with a stethoscope to the abdomen of a child suffering from ileus, there will be few or no bowel sounds, indicating that the intestine has stopped functioning.
  • A healthcare professional should be contacted if a child experiences persistent abdominal distention, is unable to have normal bowel movements, or exhibits other symptoms of ileus.
  • By contrast, non-mechanical obstruction, called ileus, occurs because the rhythmic contractions that move material through the bowel (called peristalsis) stop.

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