Sentence Examples

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  • Lub-et, lib-ido); then, all such deities being connected with the underworld, she also became the goddess of death, and that side of her character predominated in the later conceptions.
  • The paid-up capital of British railways in 1901 exceeded I,Ioo,000,000; the passengers, not including season ticket-holders, also numbered x,Ido,ooo,000; and the sum annually spent in working the lines considerably exceeded the whole capital authorized to be spent on their construction in 1837.
  • At the present day the d of the suffixes ado, ido is no longer pronounced throughout the whole extent of the domain, and the same holds good also of the final d: saiji, poni, for satud, poned (from s a I u t e m, p o n i t e).
  • The past participle of verbs in er was formerly isdo (u t u s) in most cases; at present ido serves for all verbs in er and Cr, except some ten or twelve in which the participle has retained the Latin form accented on the radical: dicho, hecho, visto, &c. It ought to be added that the past participle in normal Castilian derives its theme not from the perfect, but from the infinitive: habido, sabido, from haber, saber, not from hubo, supo.