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  • Otherwise a desiccator must be employed; this is essentially a closed vessel in which a hygroscopic substance is placed together with the substance to be dried.
  • Of the hygroscopic substances in common use, phosphoric anhydride, concentrated sulphuric acid, and dry potassium hydrate are almost equal in power; sodium hydrate and calcium chloride are not much behind.
  • The spores differ from those of ferns in their outer coat (exospore) being split up into four club-shaped hygroscopic threads (elaters) which are curled when moist, but become straightened when dry.
  • On pages 4 and 5 we describe a method for studying the remarkable hygroscopic awn of wild oat seeds.
  • Naturally breathable Thermafleece, being hygroscopic, can absorb and desorb water vapor without compromising its thermal efficiency.

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