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  • Of Huitzilopochtli, the famed god, Sahagun says that he was a necromancer, loved " shapeshifting," like Odin, metamorphosed himself into animal forms, was miraculously conceived, and, among animals, is confused with the humming-bird, whose feathers adorned his statues."
  • Like many other gods, Huitzilopochtli slew his foes at his birth, and hence received names analogous to DeLµos and (1.6(os: Tylor (Primitive Culture, ii.
  • 307) calls Huitzilopochtli an " inextricable compound parthenogenetic god."
  • His sacrament, when paste idols of him were eaten by the communicants, was at the winter solstice, whence it may, perhaps, be inferred that Huitzilopochtli was not only a war-god but a nature-god - in both respects anthropomorphic, and in both bearing traces of the time when he was but a humming-bird, as Yehl was a raven (Muller, op. cit.
  • As a humming-bird, Huitzilopochtli led the Aztecs to a new home, as a wolf led the Hirpini, and as a woodpecker led the Sabines.

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