Sentence Examples

  • He drew the horoscopes of the emperor and Wallenstein, as well as of a host of lesser magnates; but, though keenly alive to the unworthy character of such a trade, he made necessity his excuse for a compromise with superstition.
  • Trent") insisted indeed that it was a mistake to confuse astrology with fortune-telling, and maintained that it was a "physical science just as much as geology," depending like them on ascertained facts, and grossly misrepresented by being connected with magic. Dr Garnett himself looked upon the study of biography in relation to the casting of horoscopes as an empirical investigation, but it is difficult in practice to keep the distinction clear, to judge by present-day text-books such as those of Dr Wilde (Primer of Astrology, &c.).
  • A great many works on astrology and the casting of horoscopes, on the ways to secure victory in war, success_in love, in business or in gambling, are known, as also works on other branches of magic, to which subject the Siamese have always been partial.
  • Do still in the East, on comparison of the horoscopes of the pair to ascertain if their birth-signs were compatible.
  • A papyrus of the Roman period in the British Museum attributes the invention of horoscopes to the Egyptians, but no early instance is known.