Sentence Examples

  • We think of holograms as visual transmissions without substance, but in the future world of Star Trek, holographic technology has advanced to the point where holograms can have temporary substance and interact with real solid objects.
  • An avid tennis player in her youth, she takes up the sport again on Voyager's holodecks, and shows her science bent by relaxing in a holographic representation of Leonardo Da Vinci's studio.
  • Another new addition to the TPC scrapbook collection is the "Undersea Adventures," which features fun holographic foil embellished paper, stickers, rub-ons and stamps.
  • If you're looking to make things really interesting, be sure to look for metallic and holographic colors or even faux rubber.
  • Origami paper also comes in a rayon mesh, opalescent foil, and with holographic glitter.