Sentence Examples

  • That the cones were heterosporous there can be no doubt, though little is known as yet of the microsporangia.
  • The discovery of Sigillariostrobus, which was the fructification of Subsigillariae as well as of the ribbed species, has finally determined the question of the affinities of the genus, once keenly discussed; Sigillaria is now clearly proved to have been a genus of heterosporous Lycopods, with the closest affinities to Lepidodendron.
  • Selaginellites elongatus, another heterosporous species, is remarkable for having no differentiated strobilus, a condition not known in the recent genus.
  • We cannot as yet say whether these bodies represent a somewhat unusual type of fern sporangium or whether they are microsporangia: if the latter supposition is correct the plant must have been heterosporous; but we are still without evidence on this point.
  • The abortion of certain spores, which is known to have taken place both in the homosporcus C. Binneyana and in the megasporangia of C. Casheana, may throw some light on the origin of the heterosporous condition.

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