Sentence Examples

  • The disciple certainly takes a step in advance by stating definitely, as an essential characteristic of virtuous action, that it is chosen for its own sake, for the beauty of virtue alone; but herein he merely formulates the conviction that his master inspires.
  • Though the moralization of gods has only proceeded pari passu with the moralization of mankind, the deities of the more advanced nations are perhaps felt by them to be more terrible and more difficult of access than the divinities of lower races; herein lies one explanation of the power of the priesthood.
  • Herein are demanded the eye and the nerve.
  • Herein are laid from six to nine eggs, of a pale bluish-green freckled with brown and blotched with ash-colour.
  • Special legislation of various kinds is expressly prohibited, and in the bill of rights it is declared that " all powers not herein delegated remain with the people."

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