Sentence Examples

  • Lastly, to pass over unnecessary details, the markings of various kinds to be observed on the lobes of the livers of freshly-slaughtered animals, which are due mainly to the traces left by the subsidiary hepatic ducts and hepatic veins on the liver surface, were described as "holes," "paths," "clubs" and the like.
  • In the Disconectae the coenosarc forms a spongy mass, the " centradenia," which is partly hepatic in function, forming the socalled liver, and partly excretory.
  • The Eolid-like Nudibranchs, amongst other specialities of structure, possess (in some cases at any rate) apertures at the apices of the " cerata " or dorsal papillae, which lead from the exterior into the hepatic caeca.
  • M, Midgut, with its hepatic appendages h, all of which are not figured.
  • The springs are principally alkaline, alkaline and siliceous, acidic, or acidic and hepatic (sulphurous).

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