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  • HELVETII (`EXouirtot, `EX/3 TTtot), a Celtic people, whose original home was the country between the Hercynian forest (probably the Rauhe Alp), the Rhine and the Main (Tacitus, Germania, 28).
  • The reports of gold and plunder spread by the Cimbri and Teutones on their way to southern Gaul induced the Helvetii to follow their example.
  • In 102 the Helvetii joined the Cimbri in the invasion of Italy, but after the defeat of the latter by Marius they returned home.
  • Orgetorix was thrown into prison, being suspected of a design to make himself king, but the Helvetii themselves persisted in their plan.
  • Under Tiberius the Helvetii were separated from Gallia Belgica and made part of Germania Superior.

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