Sentence Examples

  • However, the American Heart Association has said that "an egg can fit within heart-healthy guidelines for those people only if cholesterol from other sources - such as meats, poultry and dairy products - is limited."
  • The most important first step for a heart-healthy diet that will lower cholesterol levels is to cut back on saturated fats and, as much as possible, eliminate trans fats from your diet.
  • Most people now know that salmon and olive oil contain a healthy dose of "good fats," but did you know that cacao is another great way to get heart-healthy fats into your diet?
  • Nuts, nut butters, and seeds are rich in heart-healthy monounsatured fats and oils and are excellent sources of protein that provide the body with many helpful nutrients.
  • Everyone can benefit when a heart-healthy lifestyle is followed, so the dietary and activity changes made for the hypertensive child will benefit the entire family.