Sentence Examples

  • Ag ?HC 'OH ?H CO 2 H-f-H 2 N OH, and also on the production from sodium nitromethane and mercuric chloride, thus CH 2: NO Ohg - > H 2 O -I-C: NOhg (hg = 2 Hg).
  • Silberrad (Ber., to be a dihydro HC NH N --> 1V NH CH.
  • If the carbon atoms are connected by two valencies, we obtain a compound H2C:CH2, ethylene; if by three valencies, HC: CH, acetylene.
  • Thus ethane gives H3C CH2 CH3, propane; ethylene gives H 2 C:CH CH 3, propylene; and acetylene gives HC: C CH 3, allylene.
  • In comparison with the isomeric propylene, CH 3 HC:CH 2, it is remarkably inert, being only very slowly attacked by bromine, which readily combines with propylene.

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