Sentence Examples

  • The hyphae composing the mycelium are provided with haustoria which project into the cells of the affected part (fig.
  • A and B, mycelium (m), the mix t ure over the affe c ted with haustoria (h).
  • In Physma, Arnoldia, Phylliscum and other genera the gonidia are killed sooner or later by special hyphal branches, haustoria, which pierce the membrane of the algal cell, penetrate the protoplasm and absorb the contents (fig.
  • Synalissa, Micarea, the haustoria pierce the membrane, but do not penetrate the protoplasm (fig.
  • Mycelium with haustoria (h); 2, Erysiphe; A and B, mycelium (m), with haustoria (h).

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