Sentence Examples

  • It was, first, the advance of the Hatti (Hittites) into Syria, which began in the time of Amen-hotep III., but became far more threatening in that of his successor, and next, the resumption of the second Arabian migration, which most seriously undermined the Egyptian power in Asia.
  • In compliance with that treaty the sultan by the Hatti-Sherif of 1830 formally granted full autonomy to the Serbs, retaining at the same time Turkish garrisons in the Servian fortresses.
  • They are gazetted with twelve other " kings of the Hatti " (S.E.
  • Meanwhile Assyria was gradually establishing itself westwards, and a remarkable confederation of the heirs of the old Hittite kingdom, Approach " kings of the land of Hatti " (the Assyrian term o f Assyria.
  • (812-783) claims as tributary the land of Hatti, Amor, Tyre, Sidon, " the land of Omri " (Israel), Edom and Philistia.

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