Sentence Examples

  • They are divisible into the Haplodrili or Archiannelida, the Polychaeta containing the marine worms, the Oligochaeta or terrestrial and fresh-water annelids (see Earthworm), the Hirudinea or leeches (see Leech), and a small group of parasitic worms, the 11-Tyzostomida (q.v.).
  • On the hypothesis that such a form as Dinophilus (see Haplodrili) has preserved the characters of the primitive Chaetopod more nearly than a any existing Polychaet or Oligochaet, it is clear that the nephridia in the Oligochaeta have preserved the original features of those organs more nearly than most Polychaeta.
  • These structures appear to be absolutely distinctive of the Oligochaeta, unless the sacs which contain sperm and open in common with the nephridia of Saccocirrus (see Haplodrili) are similar.
  • They are divided as follows: (i) Haplodrili or Archiannelida; (2) Chaetopoda; (3) Myzostomida, probably degenerate Polychaeta; (4) Hirudinea (see CHAETOPODA and LEECH); (5) Echiuroidea.
  • HAPLODRILI (so called by Lankester), often called Archiannelida (Hatschek), the name provisionally given to a number of FIG.

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