Sentence Examples

  • The mercaptans may be prepared by the action of the alkyl halides on an alcoholic solution of potassium hydrosulphide; by the reduction of the sulpho-chlorides, e.g.
  • It is decomposed by water into arsenious and hydrofluoric acids, and absorbs ammonia forming the compound 2AsF3.5NH3 By the action of gaseous ammonia on arsenious halides at -30° C. to -40° C., arsenamide, As(NH2) is formed.
  • It is an optically active liquid which boils at 168-169° C. Homologues of menthone may be obtained from the ketone by successive treatment with sodium amide and alkyl halides (A.
  • The tertiary phosphines are characterized by their readiness to pass into derivatives containing pentavalent phosphorus, and consequently they form addition compounds with sulphur, carbon bisulphide, chlorine, bromine, the halogen acids and the alkyl halides with great readiness.
  • It is a tertiary base, and combines readily with the alkyl halides to form pyridinium salts.

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