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  • Red haematite was mined in Dodge county before 1854; in 1877 the deposits in Florence (disambiguation)|Florence county were first worked, and in 1882 276,017 tons were shipped from that county; and about 1884 began the development of the Gogebic deposits in Iron and Ashland counties.
  • Enclosures of other minerals (rutile, chlorite, haematite, gothite, actinolite, asbestos and many others) are extremely frequent in crystals of quartz.
  • The richness of the ore (about 30% of metal) is by no means so great as the red haematite ore found in Cumberland and north Lancashire (Furness district, &c.).
  • Iron is widely diffused, principally in the form of magnetite, brown haematite, limonite and bog iron.
  • HAEMATITE, or Hematite, a mineral consisting of ferric oxide (Fe203), named from the Greek word -aiµa, "blood," in allusion to its typical colour, whence it is called also red iron ore.

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