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  • The ovule develops into the seed; and the gynaeceum and even more remote parts of the flower, develop into the fruit.
  • The carpel, or aggregate of carpels forming the pistil or gynaeceum, comprises an ovary containing one or more ovules and a receptive surface or stigma; the stigma is sometimes carried up on a style.
  • Apart from this, botanists are generally agreed that the concrescence of parts of the flower-whorls - in the gynaeceum as the seed-covering, and in the corolla as the seat of attraction, more than in the androecium and the calyx - is an indication of advance, as is also the concrescence that gives the condition of epigyny.
  • Avtpwv), that part of a Greek house which was reserved for men, as distinguished from the gynaeceum (yvvatK.e70v), the women's quarters.

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