Sentence Examples

  • There are advantages to either technology, but because a larger portion of the world uses GSM, Research in Motion -- the company that makes BlackBerry devices -- is more motivated to focus their efforts on creating GSM cell phones.
  • GSM Arena ( While this site won't be quite as useful for people interested in CDMA-based providers like Sprint and Verizon, GSM Arena is fantastic for just about every GSM mobile phone on the market.
  • Other brands in Europe that are either affiliated or partnered with Vodafone are Swisscom (Switzerland), Telsim (Turkey), Proximus (Belgium), SFT (France), and Plus GSM (Poland), among others.
  • This may or may not come to pass and even if the Curve launches with Verizon, it will not be identical to the version sold by AT&T, simply because of the difference between CDMA and GSM.
  • A good resource to check when confirming what version of Bluetooth your cell phone is compatible with is GSM Arena, a website that has the basic specifications for most GSM phones.