Sentence Examples

  • The most accurate method for the determination of lead in ores is the gravimetric method, in which it is weighed as lead sulphate after the various impurities have been separated.
  • For all pharmaceutical purposes, however, the use of the metric system alone is employed in all paragraphs relating to analysis, whether gravimetric or volumetric. For measures of capacity the Pharmacopoeia continues to use imperial measuring vessels graduated at the legal temperature of 62° F.
  • 8 and 9, in a curve showing the relation between p and D the gravimetric density, which is the specific gravity of the P lb of powder when filling the volume C, cub.
  • A state of gas; or between p and v, the reciprocal of D, which may be called the gravimetric volume (G.
  • The term gravimetric density (G.D.) is peculiar to artillerists it is required to distinguish between the specific gravity (S.

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