Sentence Examples

  • Sand-flies and biting gnats are lesser nuisances.
  • These mosquitoes or gnats - the terms are synonymous - belong to the family Culicidae and the genus Anopheles, which was first classified by Meigen in 1818.
  • Argyroneta feeds principally upon flies or gnats, which it seizes from below as they light upon the surface of the water.
  • Thus true hereditary infection of a succeeding generation of gnats may be brought about.
  • An ear of another type is found in the swollen second segment of the feeler in many male gnats and midges, the cuticle between this segment and the third forming an annular drum which is connected with numerous nerveendings, while the fine bristles on the more distal segments vibrate in response to the note produced by the humming of the female.

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