Sentence Examples

  • Ischio-rectal fossa Tuberosity of ischium Gluteus maximus The vesiculae seminales are sac-like diverticula, one on each side, from the lower part of the ampullae of the vasa deferentia.
  • Posterior superior iliac spine Cut end of rectum Apex of sacrum Great sciatic notch Ureter Peritoneum Spine of ischium Bladder wall Seminal vesicle Tuberosity of ischium Ischio-rectal fossa Cut end of rectum External sphincter ani Gluteus maximus better seen in young the prostate the urethra runs more forward for about threequarters of an inch, lying between the two layers of the triangular From C. S.
  • Gluteus maximus has returned.
  • Gluteus maximus action was also seldom excessive ( 34 % ).
  • Gluteus medius causes the pelvis to dip downwards during the swing phase.

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