Sentence Examples

  • There are rare exceptions, notably with beta thalassemia, where globin gene mutations exhibit a dominant pattern of inheritance in which only one gene needs to be altered in order to see disease expression.
  • This occurs in many diseases, including iron deficiency anemia, thalassemia (an inherited disease in which globin chain production is deficient), and anemias associated with chronic infection or disease.
  • There are two categories of hemoglobinopathy: in one, abnormal globin chains give rise to abnormal hemoglobin molecules; in the other, normal hemoglobin chains are produced but in abnormal amounts.
  • Because alpha globin is a necessary component of hemoglobin, absence of all functioning alpha globin genes leads to serious medical consequences that begin even before birth.
  • Since there are four genes (instead of the usual two) to consider when looking at alpha globin gene inheritance, there are several alpha globin types that are possible.