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  • The native inhabitants consist of some 2000 Gilyaks, 130o Ainus, with 75 o Orochons, 200 Tunguses and Some Yakuts.
  • The Gilyaks in the north support themselves by fishing and hunting.
  • In modern times the name has been applied to a group of races, which includes the Chukchis, Koryaks, Yukaghirs, Ainus, Gilyaks axed Kamchadales, inhabiting the arctic regions of Asia and America.
  • Among the Gilyaks a similar festival is found, but here it takes the form of a celebration in honour of a recently dead kinsman, to whom the spirit of the bear is sent.
  • The native populations of the Amur - Golds and Gilyaks - support themselves chiefly by fishing, when the salmon enters the Amur and its tributaries in dense masses.

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