Sentence Examples

  • Interesting objects in this constellation are: a Geminorum or Castor, a very fine double star of magnitudes 2.0 and 2.8, the fainter component is a spectroscopic binary; i Geminorum, a long period (231 days) variable, the extreme range in magnitude being 3.2 to 4; Geminorum, a short period variable, 10.15 days, the extreme range in magnitude being 3.7 to 4.5; Nova Geminorum, a "new" star discovered in 1903 by H.
  • Turner of Oxford; and the star cluster M.35 Geminorum, a fine and bright, but loose, cluster, with very little central condensation.
  • There are several wellmarked varieties of short-period variables; the most important are typified by the stars Algol, # Lyrae, Geminorum and S Cephei.
  • When the two stars are of equal brilliancy the minima are equal; this is the case in variables of the Geminorum type.

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