Sentence Examples

  • Then follows the phenomenon of gastrulation, by which onehalf of the blastula is invaginated into the other, so as to obliterate the segmentation cavity.
  • P. Hazen, "The Gastrulation of Amphioxus," J.
  • (1900), p. 569; P. Sammassa, "Studien Aber den Einfluss des Dotters auf die Gastrulation and die Bildung der primaren Keimblatter der Wirbelthiere: iv.
  • Gastrulation takes place by epiboly, and the stomodaeum (oral invagination - mastax pharynx) takes place in two stages of the region of the closed blastopore.
  • It should be added that the process of development, the gastrulation as it is termed, may be shortened by the immigration of cells taking place C From Balfour, after Kowalewsky.

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