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  • In the seas, bony fish and crab-like decapods increased in numbers and variety, while pelecypods and gasteropods took the prominent place previously occupied by ammonites and belemnites, and, leaving behind such forms as Rudistes, Inoceramus, &c., they gradually developed in the direction of the modern regional groups.
  • Each of the principal groups of true mollusca was represented: Pelecypods (Modioloides); Gasteropods (Scenella, Pleurotomaria, Trochonema); Pteropods (Hyolithellus, Hyo- tithes, Salterella); Cephalopods (Orthoceras, Cystoceras).
  • Pelecypods among the true mollusca were increasing in numbers and importance (Aviculopecten, Posidonomya); Nucula, Carbonicola, Edmondia, Conocardium, Modiola, Gasteropods also were numerous (Murchisonia, Euomphalus, Naticopsis).
  • This idea originated in the discovery of a jelly-fish, gasteropods, and other organisms of a more or less marine type, and presenting some affinity with forms of Jurassic age.
  • Schrenck in the north of the Japanese Sea led to the discovery of no fewer than 256 species (Gasteropods, Brachiopods and Conchifers).

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