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  • Amongst gamopetalous plants several of our largest living families, including Campanulaceae, Labiatae, Solanaceae and Primulaceae, are still missing; and of Boragineae, Scrophularineae, Gentianeae and Caprifoliaceae there are only faint and doubtful indications.
  • The general name of polypetalous is given to corollas having separate petals, while monopetalous, gamopetalous or sympetalous is applied to those in which the petals are united.
  • When a corolla is gamopetalous it usually happens that the lower portion forms a tube, while the upper parts are either free or partially united, so as to form a common limb, the point of union of the two portions being the throat, which often exhibits a distinct constriction or dilatation.
  • A gamopetalous corolla falls off in one piece; but sometimes the base of the corolla remains persistent, as in Rhinanthus and Orobanche.
  • - Irregular gamopetalous labiate corolla of the Dead-nettle (Lamium album).

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