Sentence Examples

  • Bulbous Fumitory (Corydalis Bulbosa) - A compact tuberous-rooted kind, 4 inches to 6 or 7 inches high, with dull purplish flowers in April, and a solid bulbous root, quite hardy, and of easy culture in almost any soil.
  • Ledebours Fumitory (Corydalis Ledebouriana) - Distinct on account of its peculiar glaucous leaves, arranged in a whorl about half-way up the stem, 9 to 12 inches high.
  • Yellow Fumitory (Corydalis Lutea) - Graceful masses of delicate pale green leaves dotted with spurred yellow flowers.
  • Fumitory (Corydalis) - A numerous family, of the Poppy order, not many important for the garden.
  • Bracted Fumitory (Corydalis Bracteata) - A distinct kind, with yellow flowers.

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