Sentence Examples

  • According to Grand' Eury, the Palaeostachya fructification was most commonly associated with Asterophyllites foliage.
  • The characters of Sphenophyllum are known with some completeness, while our knowledge of Cheirostrobus confined to the fructification; the former therefore be described first.
  • The great length and slender proportions of the segments give the cone a peculiar character, but the relations of position appear to leave no doubt as to the homologies with the fructification of Sphenophylleae; as regards the sporangiophores, Bowmanites Romeri occupies exactly the middle place between S.
  • The fructification consists of long, lax spikes, with whorled sporophylls; indications of megaspores have been detected in the sporangia.
  • The female fructification is in the form of a rather lax strobilus.

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