Sentence Examples

  • Individuals with frizzy, unmanageable hair or who are plagued with split ends may want to consider the smooththerapie line, which helps control frizz through avocado and grape seed oils.
  • While styling time may be increased if you're battling natural curl or frizz, straight haired ladies can rejoice at the little effort required in a long and layered thick hair cut.
  • Choose high quality hair products that can help you recreate her stunning styles without losing hold or volume, and keep your hair well trimmed to avoid frizz or split ends.
  • If you're having an outdoor ceremony in August, it will most likely be hot and humid so having the bridal party wear an updo can help keep them cool and will reduce frizz.
  • While blow drying, make use of that nozzle that comes with your blow dryer as it helps to cut down on frizz, however, note that you can get a frizz-free look without it.