Sentence Examples

  • TENCH (Tinca vulgaris), a small fish of the Cyprinid family, which is one of the commonest and most widely spread freshwater fishes of Europe.
  • Morton Park contains 200 acres of woodland bordering the shores of Billington Sea (a freshwater lake).
  • Dobula), a freshwater fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae.
  • Texas has no large lakes; but freshwater lakes, which are fed either by streams or springs, are common on the Coastal Plain; the best known of them are Grand Lake in Colorado county, Clear Lake in Harris county, and Caddo Lake on the Louisiana border.
  • In some families, as many freshwater snakes, the sea snakes, Viperinae and Crotalinae, the eggs are retained in the oviduct until the embryo is fully developed.

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