Sentence Examples

  • No regular follicle is formed, but the odcyte absorbs nutriment from the remaining odgonia.
  • When the follicle bursts, as it does in time, the ovum escapes on to the surface of the ovary.
  • In the centre of this antipedal area there has appeared (often at a very early period) a gland-like depression or follicle of the integument.
  • At one point this is continuous with a layer of cells called the stratum granulosum which lines the outer wall of the follicle, but elsewhere the two layers are separated by fluid, the liquor folliculi.
  • This consists of hard, elongated, slender, cylindrical or tapering, thread-like masses of epidermic tissue, each of which grows, without branching, from a short prominence, or papilla, sunk at the bottom of a pit, or follicle, in the true skin, or dermis.

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