Sentence Examples

  • Having distinguished himself by his military ability and his able and gentle rule of Dalmatia, he was, on the 1 st of March 293, adopted and appointed Caesar by Maximian, whose step-daughter, Flavia Maximiana Theodora, he had married in 289 after renouncing his wife Helena (the mother of Constantine).
  • 72 made a province by the Romans, and its capital received the additional name of Flavia (Suet.
  • In the 5th century there were five provinces, Britannia Prima and Secunda, Flavia and Maxima Caesariensis and (for a while) Valentia, ruled by praesides and consulares under a vicarius, but the only thing known of them is that Britannia Prima included Cirencester.
  • Vespasian made it a colony and called it Flavia: the old name, however, persisted, and still survives as Kaisarieh.
  • Vespasian, as a reward for its having taken his part, gave the town part of the territory of Capua, and installed more colonists there - whence it took the title Colonia Flavia, which it retained till the end of the empire.

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