Sentence Examples

  • There are also other eye-pieces having the field-lens double or achromatic as well as the eye-lens.
  • It consists of a piano-convex field-lens of crown glass.
  • The mere size of the apparent field of view depends upon obtaining the oblique pencils of light emerging from it to cross the axis at the great possible angle, and to this end the presence of a field-lens is indispensable, which is separated from the eye-lens by a considerable interval.
  • 4) in which the field-lens is changed into a meniscus having radii in about the ratio of +I to - 9 gives still better results, but still not quite so good as the results obtained by using the combination of two convexo-plane lenses of the focal ratio 2 to I.
  • This is such a practical drawback that the separation is generally 4ths or $ths of the theoretical, and then the primary image viewed by the eye piece may be rather outside the field-lens, which is a great practical advantage, especially when a reticule has to be mounted in the primary focal plane, although the edge of the field is not quite achromatic under these conditions.