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  • Brooches (fibulae), pins, razors, tweezers, &c., often found as dedications to a deity, e.g.
  • It was fastened with brooches (fibulae) anch appears to have been worn by the equites, e.g.
  • Women's ornaments consisted of brooches (fibulae), bracelets (armillae), armlets (armillae, bracchialia), ear-rings (inliures), necklaces (monilia), wreaths (coronae) and hair-pins (crinales).
  • The present Palazzo Comunale, a Renaissance edifice, contains a fine museum, chiefly remarkable for the contents of prehistoric tombs found in the district (including good bronze fibulae, necklaces, amulets, &c., often decorated with amber), and a large collection of acorn-shaped lead missiles (glandes) used by slingers, belonging to the time of the siege of Asculum during the Social War (89 B.C.).
  • Fibulae, often of the kettle-drum form, take the place of the Bronze age pin.

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