Sentence Examples

  • By means of the stinging nettle-cells or nematocysts with which the tentacles are thickly covered, living organisms of various kinds are firmly held and at the same time paralysed or killed, and by means of longitudinal muscular fibrils formed from the cells of the ectoderm the tentacles are contracted and convey the food to the mouth.
  • By means of circularly disposed muscular fibrils formed from the endoderm the tentacles can be protracted or thrust out after contraction.
  • The pain is due to stretching of the nerve fibrils or compression of them by the turgid vessels in the swollen tissues.
  • In the fibrils existing in the cell a sudden alteration of elasticity occurs, resulting in an increased tension on the points of attachment of the cell to the neighbouring elements of the tissue in which the cell is placed.
  • It is taken up from the interstices between the particles of soil exclusively by the finest subdivisions of the fibrils, and in many cases by the extremely delicate thread-like cells which project from them and which are known as root-hairs.

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