Sentence Examples

  • Any of the Pyrolas are worth growing in thin mossy copses on light sandy vegetable soil, or in moist and half-shady parts of the rock garden or the fernery, where they make neat evergreen carpets, flowering in summer.
  • O. vulgatum is a native Fern not often seen in gardens; found in most meadows; and the best position for it therefore is in colonies in the hardy fernery or the moist stiff soil in the rock garden.
  • It is scarcely refined enough in leaf for the flower garden, but is effective near the rougher approaches of a hardy fernery, in open glades near woodland walks, or in any like position.
  • Woodwardias thrive under the ordinary conditions of the hardy fernery, and succeed in a shady position if they have a light peaty soil that is moist in summer.
  • Selaginella - A few hardy kinds of this large family of Lycopods are valuable for carpeting the fernery or clothing shady spots in the rock garden.

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