Sentence Examples

  • Sage holds the place of honour; then comes rue, the antidote of poisons; and so on through melons, fennel, lilies, poppies, and many other plants, to wind up with the rose, "which in virtue and scent surpasses all other herbs, and may rightly be called the flower of flowers."
  • To this list should also be added the common wild tulip, the Italian cyclamen, the common scarlet poppy, the fennel, wild carrot and many varieties of thistle, some of gorgeous colouring.
  • The ash, maple, horn-beam, oak,' grape-vine, 6 alder, gooseberry, blackberry, pine, juniper, thistle, fennel, meadowsweet,' 1 A Complete History of Drugs (translation), p. 169 (London, 3748).
  • In some instances, as in fool's-parsley, there is no general involucre, but simply an involucel; while in other cases, as in fennel or dill (fig.
  • The chief agricultural products are grain, rice, beans, cotton, opium and poppy seed, sesame, fennel, red pepper, and much of the finest tobacco grown in Europe; there is also some trade in timber, livestock, skins, furs, wool and silk cocoons.

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