Sentence Examples

  • The Fenian movement disclosed much discontent, and was attended by criminal outrages in England.
  • The Fenian element was with him, as he admitted, but the clergy were against him, and the odds were too great, especially against a Protestant politician.
  • Irish disaffection had long been astir; the Fenian menace looked formidable not only in Ireland but in England also.
  • So far as Arthur himself is concerned these parallels are with the Fenian, or Ossianic, cycle, in the case of Gawain with the Ultonian.
  • At the beginning of 1866 Lord Russells government thought itself compelled to suspend the Habeas Corpus Act In Ireland; and in 1867 Lord Derbys government was confronted in the spring by a plot to seize Chester Castle, and in the autumn by an attack on a prison van at Manchester containing Fenian prisoners, and by an atrocious attempt to blow up Clerkenwell prison.

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