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  • At Chalcis itself, where the strait is narrowest, it is called the Euripus, and here it is divided in the middle by a rock, on which formerly a castle stood.
  • In central Euboea were the Curetes and Abantes, who seem to have come from the neighbouring continent by way of the Euripus; of these the Abantes, after being reinforced by Ionians from Attica, rose to great power, and exercised a sort of supremacy over the whole island, so that in Homer the inhabitants generally are called by that name.
  • From this time its neighbour Chalcis, which, though it suffered from a lack of good water, was, as Strabo says, the natural capital from its commanding the Euripus, held an undisputed supremacy.
  • CHALCIS, the chief town of the island of Euboea in Greece, situated on the strait of the Euripus at its narrowest point.
  • It is composed of two parts - the old walled town towards the Euripus, called the Castro, where the Jewish and Turkish families who have remained there mostly dwell.; and the more modern suburb that lies outside it, which is chiefly occupied by the Greeks.

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