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  • TERBIUM [[[symbol]] Tb, atomic weight 159.2 (0=16)], a metallic chemical element belonging to the rare earth group; it was originally called erbia by its discoverer Mosander (see Rare Earth).
  • In 1841 Mosander, having in 1839 discovered a new element lanthanum in the mineral cerite, isolated this element and also a hitherto unrecognized substance, didymia, from crude yttria, and two years later he announced the determination of two fresh constituents of the same earth, naming them erbia and terbia.
  • Mosander's erbia has been shown to contain various other oxides - thulia, holmia, &c. - but this has not yet been perfectly worked out.
  • In 1878 Marignac, having subjected Mosander's erbia, obtained from gadolinite, to a careful examination, announced the presence of a new element, ytterbium; this discovery was confirmed by Nilson, who in the following year discovered another element, scandium, in Marignac's ytterbia.
  • Cleve, Lecoq de Boisbaudran and others into erbia, holmia, thulia and dysprosia, but it is still doubtful whether any one of these four splitting products is a single substance.

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