Sentence Examples

  • While it isn't recommended as often as Cabot or Sikkens, DEFY Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain still shows up often enough as a recommendation from both consumers and professionals.
  • Attach metal hinges back onto the frame with an application of quick drying glue or epoxy, which can be purchased at the same drugstore where the kit is purchased.
  • Engineered stone - This style of countertop can look like stone, but it's really a very hard epoxy mixed with one of the hardest substances known to man -- quartz.
  • To create this project, you'll need several clear, flat glass marbles, some epoxy, a narrow piece of ribbon, and some tiny photos of you and your friend.
  • Epoxy frames are resilient and return to their original shape after being deformed, so they do not need to be adjusted as frequently as other types.