Sentence Examples

  • It occurs in two forms, 'IitFoves and` "IWVEs (compare Xaoves and X(.7.VEs in Epirus) - not counting the name '16vtos applied to the open sea west of Greece.
  • Of Epirus in the presence of a great concourse from all the Greek world.
  • After the division of the Roman empire, the lands inhabited by the Albanian race became provinces of the Byzantine empire; northern Albania from Scutari to Berat formed the thema or province of Dyrrachium (Durazzo, Albanian Dourtz), southern Albania and Epirus the thema of Nikopolis.
  • The Bulgarians conquered the southern portion of the country and Epirus as far as Khimara; under their powerful tsar Simeon (893-927), who defeated the Servians, they established their rule on the Adriatic littoral, except at Durazzo, which remained Byzantine, and colonized these regions in great numbers.
  • Southern Albania and Epirus fell once more under Byzantine rule, which, however, was shaken by numerous revolts.

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