Sentence Examples

  • An epicycloid in which the radii of the fixed and rolling circles are equal.
  • The polar form is {(u+p) cos 26} a+{(u-p) sin 20) a = (2k)t, where p and k are the reciprocals of c and a, and u the reciprocal of the radius vector of any point on the caustic. When c =a or = oo the curve reduces to the cardioid or the two cusped epicycloid previously discussed.
  • EPICYCLOID, the curve traced out by a point on the circumference of a circle rolling externally on another circle.
  • In the particular case when the radii are in the ratio of I to 3 the epicycloid (curve a) will consist of three cusps external to the circle and placed at equal distances along its circumference.
  • The epicycloid shown is termed the "three-cusped epicycloid" or the "epicycloid of Cremona."

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